Is Your Mac Compatible With OS X Mavericks

It’s not uncommon for Apple to leave “older” devices behind to keep the vision moving forward and OS X Mavericks is no exception. So, how do you check to make sure your mac is Mavericks compatible?

To check what Mac you have.

It’s almost stupid to write this as if youve managed to get to this webpage you should know how to check what Mac you have but here goes. ¬†Click the Apple logo in the top left hand corner of your desktop, click about this mac, click more info and bingo. ¬†Your mac specs should be listed as below

Apple Mac Type

Compatible OS X Maverick Macs:

iMac (from mid-2007 to the latest model)
MacBook (late 2008, 13-inch Aluminum and early 2009 or later)
MacBook Pro (mid-2009 or later, 13-inch model; mid/later 2007 model or later, 15-inch model; late 2007 or later, 17-inch model)
MacBook Air (late 2008 or later models)
Mac mini (early 2009 models and later)
Xserve (2008 and later models)
Mac Pro (Early 2008 models)

So the basic rule of thumb

Macs from 2008 onwards will be compatible

MacBook, the 13-inch Aluminum from Late 2008 and the 13-inch Early 2009 model will be supported, along with the MacBook Pro 13-inch (Mid-2009 or later), 15-inch (Mid to Late 2007 or later, and the 17-inch (Late 2007 or later)

All versions of the MacBook Air from 2008 onwards will be supported, as well as the Mac Mini (Early 2009 and up), Mac Pro (Early 2008 onwards), and the Xserve (Early 2009).

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